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Full Stack Developer with knack for frontend at an international scaleup

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam€50,000 - €74,000 per yearIT

Job description

Are you that developer that likes to work on the complete system, instead of just a small part? Are you looking for a challenge to work in a scale-up environment where your tech skills truly make a difference? Then you just might be the Full Stack Developer that we are looking for. Check below whether you also think we’re a match made in heaven.

First and foremost, we are not looking for just another developer. We are looking for this passionate tech wizard that eats technical challenges for breakfast. Hell, you might even be so fanatic that you program during breakfast. You believe your tech can change the world. The personal journey towards that point is as important to you as developing itself. We think big and expect the same of you!

What does your work week look like?

At the start of each day the development team has their daily stand-up. After the stand-up, everyone who wishes to discuss problems/roadblocks they’re facing for their current work will have a short discussion and the rest of the team will continue working on the current sprint.

Our sprint usually consists of a mix of new features, general improvements and bugs that need to be squashed. The developers write code for the feature, followed by writing some automated tests to confirm the feature works as intended. After this the code is ready to be reviewed by the other developers which will provide feedback/thoughts.

Wednesdays are burrito days. 🌯😎

Thursdays we usually have a sprint refinement in which we take the time to refine certain feature requests, bugs or stories which have been added to the backlog recently.

Once every two weeks on Fridays we have a so called ‘Dev days' which allows the developers to work on something that they deem necessary, will speed up their work or just adding nice to have features/improvements. The other Fridays are used to close the sprint and provide the rest of the team a short demo of some of the new work that was done during that sprint. These are then followed by a sprint retrospective where we discuss how the past two weeks have went (we like to keep improving ourselves!).

Ow we almost forgot the time in between. You'll spend that doing what you love most; coding! As the job title says we expect you to have full stack skills (see below for our stack requirements) but with a nice affinity (we might even say passion) for frontend. We write applications in React using Typescript, we expect you to love to do that as well!

If this sounds like your ideal job, then Sendsteps is what you’re looking for. With our technology it is possible to get into the heads of your audience while presenting. That way you can truly interact with your audience. It’s Sendsteps’ mission to make every audience interaction, on- or offline, interactive. For 12 years we’ve been working round the clock to make this possible. At our office we have a relax scale-up vibe. We’re a bunch of young people on a path of great growth and we have a product, office and challenges to match.

Job requirements

Of course we have a clear view of our ideal candidate. This is on our wishlist (we like to be spoiled but do understand you not always get everything you want)

  • Broad and extensive knowledge of the software development process and its technologies is a good start
  • Ideally you gained your knowledge by working for commercial companies for at least the last 4 years
  • Strong knowledge on writing quality React applications in Typescript.
  • Knowledge of technologies, such a JSX, Redux, PHP, and NodeJS, also you know your way around web fundamentals like HTML & CSS.
  • Experience working with API's
  • You’re a team player and take ownership of your code but also from your co-workers
  • You have experience working with full stack and are able to switch rapidly.
  • You enjoy tackling difficult challenges.
  • You’re lazy (because the laziest developers find the most simple solutions).
  • Experience with applying common design patterns.
  • Experience with (automated) testing tech (Cypress, Jest).
  • You know what SCRUM is and have experience working in an agile environment.
  • Highly analytical and precise; as a pro coder this describes you right?
  • Able to think out of the box when we need a creative solution
  • You understand that in some situations it’s business first and technical perfection second

You get bonus points if:

  • You have C++ experience
  • You get excited from AWS and actually have some experience in that
  • Backend doesn't scare you (you hopefully have some experience) but isn't your primary focus
  • CI/CD Pipelines, you think they're fun, understand their use and want to implement them. 

To persuade you Sendsteps is the next step in your career we have another list:

  • You will be an important part of our scale-up
  • We have a nice and stylish office at an awesome spot in Amsterdam
  • Part remote work is possible
  • You’re colleagues are great, you can look at them as your friends
  • Our team is international, 6 nationalities and counting. Always looking to add more!
  • We’ll pay your lunch
  • You get to work on personal development with our lifestyle coach
  • Flexible working hours

If you read the whole text up until here and you’re still enthusiastic, then it must be the case that you’re the candidate we’re looking for. So please respond!